Tree Trimming

Elite Tree Services understands that adhering to and following pruning and trimming guidelines is an important factor to a healthy, safe and structurally strong tree and to prolong the life of your tree. There are several important reasons for pruning services that aids in the appearance and health of your tree.

  • Thinning—Thinning out the tree to minimize the weight and size and also to provide a distinctive shape.
  • Removal—Removal of brittle, weak, and damaged branches to increase safety and improve appearance.
  • Clearance/ LIFTING—To provide clearance to ensure trees are away from the house or other structures, walkways and to increase visibility.
  • Lighting—For more light on the lawn and helping the grass and other landscape to grow.

Every tree varies in terms of shape, size, color and needs. Adding that one of our tree specialist can provide a one on one consultation to discuss your pruning or trimming options specific to your type of tree and the condition it is currently in. Thinning a tree by pruning or trimming can also help decrease wind resistance. Tree pruning is performed on trees as a preventative measure to minimize storm damage and to keep large, heavy branches from leaning on or falling on your home or valuable structures.

If you are worried about long, heavy branches hanging on power lines, give us a call so that we can take care of the weak, loose and hanging limbs. Unless the tree is diseased or full of pest, removal is not necessary. Proper tree care will be provided and passed on to the home or property owner.

Selective tree pruning provides enhanced views of the scenery around your house and the scenery of your lawn. In addition, tree pruning improves sight visibility when entering or leaving your driveway, clearing away any distractions. We take pride at Chris of All Trades in providing easy to maintain, personalized designs to meet the needs of each client. Our designs are adapted to meet anyone’s budget.

We offer an array of services to choose from in the SWFL area to make this your all in one tree maintenance or removal service. Don’t forget our emergency services that are offered no matter what Mother Nature decides to leave us. Call us today to discuss your individual design. Your neighbors will be envious!